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Old November 16th, 2017, 03:02 PM
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Default Alabama, special election, one party rule, autocracy.

With racist misogynist Islamophobic antisemitic Jeff Sessions as personal attorney for the rump* instead of as forking up poor and black Alabamans, there's a special election scheduled in just a few weeks.

The GOP candidate, Roy Moore, was TWICE removed from the bench refusing to follow the law. But hey, this is no reason for a perfectly certified, card carrying bigot to become a senator, right?

Then the Washington Post published a piece, with 30 sources, exposing Roy Moore as a pedophile. Since then, at least ten more women have come forward with their own stories about how, when they were in their teens (some as young as 14!!!!) they have been harassed by Roy Moore--when he was in his 30s.

Despite this being Alabama, where for republican voters being a democrat is a mortal sin, and statutory rape is merely a venial sin, it seems that, in the light of all the sexual abuse allegations coming to light about celebrities, this time, pedophilia may be a bridge too far, and the polls are showing that, for the first time in far too long, the democratic contender has a solid chance to win.

(It may also be that the country is more than a bit fed up with a GOP dominated Congress that's been trying to kill us, by trying to pass health 'care' bills that would deny coverage to tens of millions, not renewing health insurance programs for poor children, trying to pass a tax bill that will raise middle class taxes while ensuring millionaires and their children don't ever have to pay any tax, etc.)

What's the GOP to do?

Why, try to work it so there's no special election.

I mean, if your candidate's chances ain't a landslide, why risk it? Just call the whole thing off on a technicality, don't let the people vote in someone you don't want, and keep on keeping on.

If you had lived in a country where the one-party rule is a thing (as I have) you would be pretty angry that this is where Mitch McConnell is taking things, and you would probably light up the phones to your own MoC's offices to tell them that the US is still a forking democracy, and that this is NOT OKAY, and NOT NORMAL.

Autocracies do not need to have a figure head, a la Erdogan, Duterte, Putin, to oppress the citizens. Look at Myamar's Junta, and how they are literally killing off an entire culture and hundreds of thousands of their own people, with perfect impunity.
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Old November 17th, 2017, 10:53 PM
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Default Re: Alabama, special election, one party rule, autocracy.

This Alabama special election has been quite the wild ride. Trump campaigned hard against Moore during the primaries. Then Moore showed up at a campaign rally on a horse and pulled out a pistol on stage, and won the primary. Suddenly Trump was a fan, sort of. Now pretty much everybody on the right except Breitbart is abandoning Moore en masse, and Trump not only says nothing about it, but even has Huckabee-Sanders hedging bets.

And as for the idea that Strange might resign, forcing a different special election? According to people who should know about these kinds of things, it wouldn't work for several reasons. One is that according to Alabama state law, in this case the Governor can only appoint a replacement who would only serve until the winner of the special election is sworn in. Apparently the idea that she could order a different special election that would supersede the one between Jones and Moore is an idea based on laws in different states. Also, the Alabama governor is a big Moore booster and probably wouldn't do that even if she could. All that is per related articles at Politico.

ETA: One thing that consistently blows my mind is that other than Bill Clinton, it seems like any Democrat who's even accused of sexual misconduct no longer has a political career; while Republicans simply need to claim remorse and their careers are fine. This seems in such stark contrast to the social platforms of the parties. Moore's admitting to dating teenagers while he was in his thirties... but he's a Republican now, so no biggie?
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Old November 21st, 2017, 08:42 AM
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Default Re: Alabama, special election, one party rule, autocracy.

Its a disgrace. Pure and simple.
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