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Default Re: Abortion?

One of the many problems I see on the "pro-life" camp is that they only advocate for the survival of the embryo/fetus. Once that baby is born, it's the mother's problem--whether she CAN be a true mother or not.

Too many people calling themselves "pro-live" who are willing to harass women who are already facing a very personal and difficult decision (whatever their reasons), can't be bothered to register to foster an abandoned child, or one who has been removed from a dangerous home situation.

Then we have states that make it almost impossible for a pregnant woman to get an abortion, even when the baby's conception was from RAPE, and then give the rapists parental rights, and don't give the mother any way to terminate those rights.

No, I'm not exaggerating. Yes, this happens. It's 2017, and this still happens in the USoA.

Texas just made it legal for obstetricians to LIE to expectant mothers. Now, they don't have to tell a pregnant woman if the fetus they are carrying has a life-threatening condition, or a debilitating handicap. Those women now will have to carry that fetus to term, even if it's to see that baby die within hours or days, and face that grief and loss (along with crushing debt, if GOPers have it their way).

Or they'll give birth to a baby with incredible handicaps, doomed to a life of pain and costly care (again, with no help from the government), when they should have been given the choice to decide whether to carry to term or terminate that pregnancy.
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