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Default Re: Healthcare--for everyone reports that a new 'compromise' for a healthcare bill is being floated around GOP members of Congress, so they can work on passing it when they come back next week.

This, in case you are in doubt, is REALLY BAD NEWS for everyone breathing whose insurance isn't covered for life--like, say, MEMBERS OF CONGRESS--or who aren't really, really, really rich--like all the CEOs and millionaires who are now the Cabinet of the current dumpster fire of an administration.

How bad? Expensively bad. So expensive no one but the uber rich will be able to afford it.

Oh yeah, of course, THIS piece of crap 'compromise' says that they will keep the preexisting condition protection--on paper, at least. In reality, they will make it impossible for anyone but the wealthy to afford insurance--or HEALTH, period.

And this is going on behind the scenes, without review or study by the Congressional Budget Office--just so that the awful orange menace can crow about passing *HIS* healthcare BS before the 100 days mark.
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