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azteclady January 6th, 2017 12:23 AM

Healthcare--for everyone
Including people with pre-existing conditions.

That's what the Affordable Care Act tried, imperfectly (granted) to do.

Some people have chronic medical conditions pretty much since birth, and the cost of keeping them functioning and level (health-wise) can bankrupt families in a matter of months.

Other people are healthy as horses until they hit their fifties or sixties, or just after they retire.

And up to a few years ago, with the passing of the much-gutted version of ACA that is still in place, insurance companies could, legally, either deny them coverage, citing 'pre-existing conditions,' or refuse to pay insured clients/patients--also citing 'pre-existing conditions.'

People would BEG their primary doctors not to update their charts with recent diagnosis, so their insurance companies would not dump them, or start denying them treatment for previous ailments/conditions/injuries.

ACA is, by no means, perfect. Even before a Republican Congress gleefully gutted it, it was not perfect.

But it is, still, a much better alternative to "something mumble independence mumble welfare state mumble insurance companies lobbying mumble mumble something bigly wonderful because I say so" that the orange menace and his sycophants promise to bring the masses.

Lets be clear here: insurance companies exist, like ALL other companies, to make money for their owners/shareholders. Insurance companies will do EVERYTHING to avoid paying claims, up to (and sometimes beyond) the letter of the law. Until, and unless, universal healthcare becomes the thing in the USoA, repealing ACA will cost tax payers more, in money and grief, than we can possibly imagine.

The incoherent tweeting rage-fire that is the President elect, and the many millionaires that he has named for his team, don't have any f---s to give about the middle class, the unemployed, the sick, the struggling, those at or below poverty level.

They are just FINE catering to the insurance/health industry lobby.

But there ARE things you and I can do, if not because we care about those currently struggling with a chronic condition, or astronomical bills from an injury or accident, because there are NO guarantees that WE won't be stuck where they are, at some point in the not-so-distant future.

Here, easy steps to help:

1- Do a quick online search to find out who your senator/representative is.
2- Note down the phone number for their local office, and the hours it's open.
3- CALL.
4- When someone answers the phone, say, "My name is (your name), and I'm a constituent of (official's name), and I'm calling about the efforts to repeal ACA, because (explain WHY this matters to you)"
5a- If you know your congressperson supports keeping ACA, say that you appreciate his/her efforts on their constituents behalf.
5b- If you know your congressperson is in favor of repealing ACA, say how this is harmful to you/your family/your community, and how you want to encourage him/her to support KEEPING ACA.

And if you are in doubt whether ACA is a positive thing, do some investigating outside of facebook, see the actual numbers: AVERAGE insurance premiums have gone down under ACA.

No, ACA is not perfect, but it's better than the big fat nothing that was there before, and that would be there if ACA is repealed.

CALL NOW--next Tuesday, January 10th, this will be decided by people who, by and large, DO NOT struggle to pay medical bills.

azteclady January 15th, 2017 01:16 AM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
"The next few years are going to be awful, but resistance isn't futile."

Truer words.


azteclady January 16th, 2017 11:06 PM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
Affordable healthcare, for everyone--the politics of eugenics and the ethos of the GOP:
“If you can’t afford treatment, you don’t get treatment.” This is the basic concept that drives opposition to universal healthcare — and yet, even that blunt statement flinches away from the true conclusion of its execution. The true conclusion is this: “if you can’t afford treatment, you deserve to die.” Those who can’t afford antibiotics will die of fevers. Those who can’t afford dental care will die of rotten teeth. Those who can’t afford chemotherapy will die of cancer.

In this scenario, the poverty that American morality has always scorned becomes a capital offense; the pursuit of wealth, a necessary route to survival. Never mind that wealth is overwhelmingly concentrated in populations of privileged white people with family legacies that are rooted in the exploitation of those who benefit from the programs like the ACA — never mind that. [8 people hold as much wealth as 3.6 billion — cdw] The bottom line is this: those who are not wealthy enough to afford the cost of healthcare will be eliminated.

And while we think about this, we may want to consider that a good 80% of households in the United States are a serious illness away from bankruptcy as it is, and that the repeal of the ACA will bring back the times when insurance companies could, and would, legally, deny people with chronic conditions coverage, no matter how maneageble the condition.

People who live with disabilities are at the center of this fight; they are the ones literally with their backs against the wall.

Mr Mo February 19th, 2017 05:48 PM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
The ACA (Obamacare) has been a mixed blessing. While it took a few steps forward, far too much of the bill was essentially written for (if not by) the health insurance industry lobbyists.

I know a very few very deserving people who have been considerably helped by this law, and it directly added roughly two years to the life of my own aunt. I also know several people who are now paying a lot more in premiums despite having severely reduced benefits, and these are middle-class families, nowhere near the 1%. I've also seen two small businesses close, partially because of the added expenses.

Personally i think the US would be better served by a modified version of the single-payer system. Not a carbon copy of the Canadian or European models, but based on the same concepts.

eliminatehate February 21st, 2017 03:21 PM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
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azteclady February 22nd, 2017 04:07 AM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
Mo, I agree, but what we are seeing happening right now is precisely the opposite. Current Congress and WH administration are all for eliminating/repealing ACA entirely, without really replacing it with anything that would either cover everyone currently insured, or even a substantial majority beyond the transition to...whatever on earth they finally cobble together.

And lest we forget, we ended up with the current version of ACA precisely because of GOP resistance to the original form.

Mr Mo February 22nd, 2017 11:57 PM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
Um... The Democrats had a filibuster-proof supermajority in both houses of Congress and controlled the White House. Trying to blame anybody else is complete and total horseshit.

Sorry to be so blunt, but there's really no excuse for the weaksauce we got served.

azteclady March 14th, 2017 12:20 AM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
The Republican dominated Congress is shoving through a so-called health plan that will make at least 24 million US citizens lose their current coverage, as estimated by the CBO.

This will effectively put health care out of reach for those people, and will likely result in even more citizens giving up insurance as time goes one, as coverage will be reduce, lifetime caps re-instated, and insurers will be allowed to declare people with chronic/costly conditions 'un-insurable' again.

Paul Ryan seems happy to know that the CBO is not worse, and considers this so-called health plan a good one. For him and his ilk, it's not about how many people won't have access to health care, but about how much money 'will be saved' by...the insurance industry.

And, if "24 million people will lose health coverage" doesn't mean much to you, here's another way to look at it:

The populations of
North Dakota
South Dakota
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
West Virginia
New Mexico
and Wyoming...


That's how many people are losing health coverage in one fell swoop.

frogge April 7th, 2017 02:31 AM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
Some interesting reading is the book "Deadly Spin". It covers the health insurance industry's efforts to both control the outcome of Obamacare while also mounting a PR campaign to smear it. It was written by an insider who had a conscience attack.

azteclady April 20th, 2017 01:29 PM

Re: Healthcare--for everyone
Heads up: GOP Congress is keen on shafting some of the key provisions that actually help their constituents.

They have revived--like a zombie--their proposal to allow insurance companies to cap services, and not to insure people due to whatever they want to deem a preexisting condition. Which means that anyone with a chronic condition--from birth, from age, from an accident--could find themselves out in the cold.

No one, no matter how well off they may be, can afford what can easily turn into a half a million or more in debt due to a medical emergency.

So, unless you are in the top .01%, this affects you and everyone you love and you know.

Make your voice heard, and hold your member of Congress accountable.

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